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Funding Passion Projects & Businesses with a Contract Loan

Eric Tomasini
Author: Eric Tomasini ·

Contract loans can be a great way to fund passion projects and businesses, especially for athletes who may not have the traditional credit history required for other types of loans.

Leveraging Contract Loans for Athletes’ Long-Term Success and Passion Projects

Professional athletes often have a limited window of opportunity to earn significant income during their playing careers. However, with careful planning and strategic investments, they can secure their financial future long after retirement. In this post, we’ll discuss how contract loans can help athletes fund Passion Projects and build / acquire businesses to solidify their post-playing career.

What are Contract Loans?

Contract loans are a type of loan specifically designed for professional athletes. These loans allow athletes to borrow against their current / future earnings by using their contracts as collateral.

How Can Contract Loans Help Athletes Fund Passion Projects?

Professional athletes often have big dreams and ideas for Passion Projects they want to pursue, such as opening a business, investing in real estate, or building a school in their hometown. However, these projects can require a significant amount of capital to get off the ground. Contract loans can help athletes access the funding they need to make these projects a reality while ensuring their personal funds remain invested for the long-term. While most business loans have strict guidelines and restrictions, such as often requiring the business to be operating for a minimum of two years to qualify for funds; a contract loan is based on the borrower’s playing contract. Thus there are no requirements on the type of business, profitability, or financial projections.

For example, a professional football player may have a desire to build a youth sports park in his hometown but lacks the capital to get it off the ground. By using their contract as collateral, they can secure a contract loan and use the funds to acquire the land, develop plans, hire contractors, and purchase equipment. To qualify for a business loan, the athlete would likely need a business plan, a project management team with experience in building and monetizing youth sports parks.

How Can Contract Loans Help Athletes Build or Acquire Businesses?

Contract loans can also help athletes build or acquire businesses that will provide a steady stream of income long after their playing career has ended. By investing in a business during their playing career, athletes can build a strong foundation for their post-playing career.

For example, a professional basketball player may choose to invest in a trucking business during their playing career as part of their Passion Project. By using a contract loan to finance the investment, they can ensure that the business is up and running and turning a profit by the time they retire. This allows them to transition seamlessly from playing to running their own business.

In conclusion, contract loans are a powerful tool for professional athletes looking to fund Passion Projects (big or small) as well as to build or acquire businesses. By using their future earnings as collateral, athletes can access the funds they need to make their dreams a reality. Whether it’s launching a new business or investing in real estate, contract loans can help athletes solidify their post-playing career and secure their financial future.

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Eric Tomasini
Author: Eric Tomasini ·

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