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Who We Are

About Us

At Sure Sports, we understand the unique financial needs of professional athletes. That’s why we’ve been providing low-interest, unsecured loans and contract advances to athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLS, golf, and auto racing since 2009.

Our Mission

Our lending marketplace provides capital access to professional athletes through specialized underwriting, tailored credit solutions, and exceptional servicing

Watch: 2023 NFL Combine Event – Indianapolis, IN

Highlights from Sure Sports Annual Sports & Spirits event at the NFL Combine. A special thank you to Tastings and their incredible staff for being such great hosts.

We understand that every athlete is different, so we customize our loans to meet the specific needs of each individual borrower.

Whether you’re a pre-draft player, entering free agency or arbitration, or looking for an athlete mortgage, we have a loan option for you.

Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to offer the fastest and most affordable loans for athletes. We can complete and fund your loan within as little as 48 hours, so you can focus on what you do best – playing the game. And during the off-season, you can relax knowing that we don’t charge any payments and never impose a prepayment penalty.

With Sure Sports, you can get the financial support you need to excel on and off the field.

Confidentiality is at the forefront of everything we do

Sure Sports maintains strict confidentiality in all communications. We prioritize protecting the privacy of our borrowers and take all necessary measures to ensure it is upheld throughout the process.