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Cash Real Estate Purchase

Cash Purchase Real Estate Product

In today’s competitive real estate market, a cash offer can give you an advantage over the competition. By eliminating the need to negotiate a higher offer price, athletes can quickly secure a home and focus on the season or preparing for the upcoming season. Perfect for athletes looking to settle in before the season starts.

Benefits of the Cash Purchase Real Estate Product

  • Cash offer, no financing contingency
  • Close within 7 days
  • Refinance into a McKenzie Mortgage® within 90 days
  • Loan covers 100% of the sale price
  • Credit score does not impact approval or rate
  • Low credit? Cash purchases provide additional time to repair credit and ensure the best rate for permanent financing
  • No home appraisal needed

Confidentiality is at the forefront of everything we do

Sure Sports maintains strict confidentiality in all communications. We prioritize protecting the privacy of our borrowers and take all necessary measures to ensure it is upheld throughout the process.

Cash Real Estate Purchase

Case Study


An NFL Player was trying to purchase a $2M home before his team’s minicamp started.


In a booming Los Angeles real estate market, the buyer was getting frustrated with submitting offers that sellers did not accept.


The realtor requested a pre-approval letter for $2.2M, which was 10% above the sales price, to stand out among the other buyers.


Sure Sports recommended making a cash offer, at the $2M sales price, guaranteeing to close within seven business-days.


The seller accepted the offer for $2M saying “all cash, no financing or inspection contingencies, and light-speed close were the game-changers.”


Using his NFL Contract to secure a loan, the athlete closed on title 5 days after signing the purchase agreement.


Sure Sports was able to refinance the loan 75 days later into a McKenzie Mortgage®  $1.4M, 30-year fixed mortgage at 3.5% and $600K, 2-year contract advance at 4.5%.


Using our cash purchase financing was significantly cheaper than paying the 10% premium on the sales price. The realtor, new home buyer, and Sure Sports were a winning team!

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