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Sport-specific financing

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Speedy Real Estate Transitions for Busy Athletes

PRETAP™ is a pilot program to support athletes in transitioning markets after signing with a new team, being released, or traded. The program aims to provide athletes with upfront capital for their homes, enabling them to establish themselves in their new markets. Sure Sports has partnered with Next Move / KW Sports + Entertainment to provide real estate services nationwide .

PRETAP™ Program Overview

This program is designed to assist athletes with accessing the equity in their homes immediately, allowing them to quickly purchase a home in their new market, as detailed below:

  • Market Valuation – Using a combination of a drive-by appraisal + comparable sales with local agent input.
  • Property Inspection – A property inspection will be conducted to assess its condition and identify any necessary repairs before listing it for sale.
  • Closing & Upfront Payment – The initial transaction can be completed within 5-15 days (depending on local government processing times). The athlete will receive 60% of the final offer, upfront in cash. However, any existing liens on the property must be satisfied before the payout.
  • Escrow & Repairs – The remaining 40% of the offer will be held in escrow. These funds will cover necessary repairs identified during the inspection, as well as any upgrades required to maximize the property’s value. The real estate agent will coordinate these repairs and upgrades.
  • Listing & Sale – Once all repairs and upgrades are complete, the property will be listed on MLS.
  • Price Reduction – If a property remains unsold after 30 days from completing repairs and upgrades, the list price may be reduced at the sole discretion of Sure Sports by up to 5% each month until sold.
  • Offer Approval – All offers must be approved by Sure Sports prior to acceptance.
  • Proceeds Distribution – After subtracting the program fees, along with the cost of any repairs or upgrades, final sale proceeds will be provided to the athlete (seller).
  • Please note: athletes must have sufficient equity in the property to qualify for the program.

PRETAP Program Expenses

  • Origination and Underwriting fees: 7% of final purchase price
  • Carrying fee: 1.5% per month (starts 30-days after upgrades/renovations are completed)
  • Realtor Fees: 6% (est.) of final purchase price

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