Sure Sports provides loans to players entering free agency and players who are NHL or MLB arbitration eligible or arbitration eligible in the upcoming season (pre-arbitration financing for NHL or MLB). As part of the product, we offer loss-of-value insurance premium financing. We can lend up to 10% of a player’s projected market value or in the case of arbitration, 30% of the team’s submitted salary proposal.

  • Sure Sports can lend up to 10% of a player's projected market value
  • Once a contract is signed or arbitration settlement is reached, the loan amount can be increased to up to 30% of the player’s guaranteed salary
  • Payments can be deferred until the season commences
  • Sure Sports can finance 100% of an LOV Insurance Premium
  • LOV Insurance is a product for top players exiting entry level deals or approaching free agency
  • 1% per month
  • Can close in as little as 72 hours