Sure Sports offers customized, contract based, lending solutions to professional athletes with signed player contracts in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS. Sure Sports provides loans to professional athletes based primarily off their current and future income, or contracts. Our loans are primarily unsecured, however, we provide mortgages, and auto loans. We have been successful at originating unsecured loans generally between 4% – 8% for players with limited credit and assets.

  • Sure Sports can lend up to 30% of a player's guaranteed salary, or 10% of non-guaranteed salary
  • Unsecured contract loans starting at 4% APR
  • No off-season payments
  • Easy approval process
  • We value privacy and will discretely handle all requests & supporting documentation throughout the entire process
  • All Sure Sports loans are customized around the player’s requests and needs, so no two loan structures are the same
  • Upon approval, most loans are funded inside of ten business days