Sure Sports provides loans to NBA and NFL Certified Agents based on their Standard Representation Agreement with a top 30 NBA draft prospect and a top 100 NFL draft prospect. Our Agent Loans are intended to provide financing for expenses related to the prospect’s training, housing, automobile and insurance policies.

  • Agents, on behalf of their Agency, are eligible for Agent Pre-Draft Loans based on a Player's Executed Standard Representation Agreement (SRA) for the current Draft year
  • The loans covers: Training, Lodging, Automobile Rental, Travel, and PTD/LOV Disability and Life Insurance Premiums
  • 1% per month
  • No Prepayment Penalty 

Short-Term Luxury Leases for Player Agents

  • Flexible, short-term leases on all current and future model vehicles with basic insurance, roadside assistance, and maintenance included 
  • Ability to customize the car to your or your client's liking
  • Option for you or your client to purchase the car at the end of the lease
  • Delivery of the vehicle to the Agent's house or their client's house, hotel, or training facility